Laws About Hiring Minors

If you are an employer in the US considering hiring teenagers for labor at your business there are some rules that you should know. Legally, a minor is anyone under 18 years old and they fall under federal guidelines as to where, when and how they can work.

Depending on what your business is, you may fall under certain guidelines where it is permissible to hire minors.

The laws regarding minors driving while on the job are strict and employers should be aware of them before hiring anyone.

Check with the laws in your state. Some may not permit you to hire a minor if they position involves driving since minors can not drive until they are 16. There are some states that require a minor to be 17 before they can drive as part of their job.

Age restrictions also may limit the type of work that a minor can perform on the job. Teenagers may or may not be allowed to spend the majority of their time in a car or truck.

The rules in states vary. Some have very particular regulations about teenagers not driving more than 20 percent of their work week. Teen drivers are also not usually allowed to drive for work in the evening.

There are regulations about teenagers not being able to work in jobs that are hazardous to their health. This puts severe restrictions on delivery jobs that teenagers can perform. Some states don’t allow teens to work in delivery jobs where they have to drive, or make frequent trips or drive quickly to meet delivery times.

If you plan on hiring minors at your business it pays to know your state’s child labor laws. Don’t make a costly mistake out of ignorance. You may even want to consult an attorney before filing any openings.

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