Laws on Child Labor

In most of the countries including America, there is legislation in vogue that prohibits child labor. This means that children under 18 years of age should not be made to work or given a job. Yes but what happens to those children who do community service, who deliver newspaper, who help parents on their farms etc. Does the law clarify situations and circumstances to avoid ambiguity?

Child labour laws have been modified to include certain conditions and exemptions under which children can be employed only under strict rules and regulations that are laid down under specific categories of work.

It would become a problem for the child if he were to find a job that requires him to drive a motor vehicle. The problem would not be with his driving skills but with the jurisdiction that would have clearly defined rules and regulations to follow in such cases and prohibits certain activities not permissible under child labor Act.

The legal age for obtaining driving license across all states is 16 years. Coupled with this the child labor laws of the states do not allow children less than 16 years of age to take up jobs that require driving motor vehicle. Therefore minors have no choice but to wait. However cycling is not considered here for license purpose.

The child labor laws are quite explicit when it comes to detailing the situations, work conditions and the timing that have to be followed while engaging minor children. Besides it also details the list of dos and don’ts for employers. For example children may not be allowed to work anywhere on night shifts and continuously beyond 8 hours.

Every state is very strict when it comes to compliance of child labor laws and protecting children’s rights and freedom. Authorities check and ensure that the conditions under which children are made to work are right and that they are not made to work on night shifts or work continuously more than 8 hours.

The laws further elaborate on the possible dangers and situations that the employers need to avoid and take care to ensure the children are not put to risk. Children cannot be employed in any place where there are likely to be dangers or health risks involved. You cannot make the child climb up on rooftop to assist in a repair job; painting or exposure to paints may not be allowed.

To get more information concerning the laws applicable to a particular state, you could contact a local attorney dealing with labor laws or check the government website.

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