Legalities of Child Labor

As per the Child Labor prohibition act children under 18 years of age cannot be made to work. But then we do find children delivering newspaper, helping parents at their farms or at the home owned stores. This does make one wonder as to what qualifies child labor and the specific cases and circumstances, which make it definable so.

As more and more questions were raised, the legislation has been modified to include several exemptions and clauses governing conditions and possibilities of allowing children to work only in certain areas.

Quite a few jurisdictions are very clear in laying down the rules of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable as far as employing children are concerned. So in case children find jobs that require them to drive, it might be a problem in some cases.

Most of the states do not permit children less than sixteen years of age to take up a job that requires them to drive a motor vehicle. Cycle is not covered under this legislation. Children under the age of 16 are not eligible for applying to obtain a driving license and not eligible to take up driving jobs.

The child labor laws are very detailed and explain the conditions and the time limits for various activities that the children under 16 years of age can be permitted to do and cannot be allowed to do. For example the laws might not permit children to spend late night hours beyond normal hours working.

Most of the states are very precise in stating as well as following the rules. Minors for example cannot be allowed to drive for more than 20 percent of their total work hours. They cannot be made to work on nigh shifts or continuously more than 8 hours.

The laws also state that children cannot be employed in places where the work or the situation is likely to be dangerous or cause any health risk to the child. Therefore children may not be allowed to take up jobs which need them to climb up somewhere or near fire, water etc.

You can get more information on your State’s legislation concerning child labor laws from the government website or from an employment attorney.

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