How to Set Up DFW On Site Drug Testing

It’s important to take advantage of DFW on-site testing. This will allow you to find out whether your employees are under the influence or not. You don’t want to have to send employees to allow because it can result in them not going for the test, because of transportation issues or something else. Setting up the drug testing on site can be easier than you realize.

Find a Third Party Administrator

When you are ready to set on site testing in DFW, you will want to find a third-party administrator. This can be a consortium who will take care of maintaining the records, and performing various tasks as you agree upon. They will help to keep you compliant. The most important aspect is to choose an administrator that is reliable, and has a great reputation for managing drug and alcohol testing programs.

Implement a Program

You will need to implement a full program. This includes talking about the various details as to how the on-site drug testing will happen, where it will happen, and who will be tested. For example, how often do you want each employee tested? Will all employees be tested, or simply those who operate machinery? Identifying the various aspects will help to mold your program. Plus, when you work with a medical review officer or an administrator, they can provide you with tips on how to create the best possible program.

Talk to Employees

Employees need to know that you will be setting up on-site drug testing. Those who use drugs in any capacity may decide that they want to quit. You should simply allow them to do so, and you can work on finding higher-quality employees – ones where you don’t have to worry about them failing a drug test. All of your employees will need to sign off on the fact that they are agreeing to drug tests in a random fashion.

Schedule Random Tests

Once the program is up and running and employees are aware that drug testing can happen randomly, this can start to be scheduled. Employees won’t know when they will be called to be tested. This is the point. You don’t want them to know because you want to take them by surprise. This will make it easier to learn whether they are using drugs in their spare time or not.

The testing will continue to be random. The drug testing can be handled on-site during specific times of the year, and employees will be chosen at random to come and undergo the tests.

You can save a lot of time and money with DFW on-site drug testing. This can be an ongoing part of your testing program. Whether you require DOT for non-DOT drug tests, can be done for you. Third-party administrators can handle all or part of the program management. This includes providing you with a chain of custody, real-time updates, and virtually anything else that you need.

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