Three Types Of Accident Claims

Accident claims come in many different forms. The purpose of this article will be to take a broad look at the world of accident claims to see how many different types of claims exist. The most obvious type of accident claim would easily be auto or car accidents. These occur most often and unfortunately are probably the most abused with fraudulent claims. Other popular claims include work injury claims in which people experience a personal injury at work. Probably the third most popular accident claim would be a home owner’s claim where someone gets injured on the property of a home owner.

Auto accidents can range from simple parking lot accidents to major injury accidents which could include fatalities. Smaller accidents are very common and should always have a claim filed no matter how much damage is done. This protects both parties against the potential of the other person filing a fraudulent claim in the future. In the unfortunate event that an auto accident causes an injury or fatality a claim will likely be made. In circumstances like this the injured party will likely try to recoup damages cause in terms a monetary settlement.

A personal injury at work accident could come in the form of a warehouse accident claims¬†or a heart attack in a corporate office. Both need to be taken seriously as they both could potentially put the company at a highly exposed risk. Accidents that occur on the property of a home owner would be filed with the home owners insurance. These accidents range from small things like slipping on the driveway to being burned by a cooking accident. Either way, if the accident happens while on a home owner’s property, their insurance would come into play.

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