What a Deed of Grant of Easement Denotes and When It Is Needed

A Deed of Grant of Easement is a document which is a testimony of the provision of easement. Easement means a right that a person acquires to use the real property belonging to another person, for certain reasons indicated in the agreement, without possessing that real property. A Deed of Grant of Easement is an important document that entitles a tenant to use a plot of land. The ownership of the plot belongs to a servient tenant, and the tenant that is enabled to use the plot is a dominant tenant. The need for a Deed of Grant of Easement arises when a tenant that owns an adjoining plot needs to cross the property of another tenant.

For example, a tenant may need to lay a part of their driveway on the area of the adjacent plot, and the reason for that can be the manner of appointment of the plots’ boundary lines. By means of a Deed of Grant of Easement, an agreement can be concluded to enable the tenants to deal with the situation. Another situation in which a Deed of Grant of Easement can become necessary is when a tenant owning a neighbouring plot of land needs to lay underground services. Such services can include the pipelines for the water, the drains, the electricity cables, the television cables, and also the telephone lines. The various communication lines can be needed for a property on an adjacent plot, and because they may need to be laid on the territory of the dominant tenant, the Deed of Grant of Easement can be the solution, to grant the servient tenant the right to have all the necessary ditches dug on the dominant tenant’s plot and all such pipelines, cables etc. laid. It is obvious that the ditches dug to pay the pipes and cables will be cover up after all installation activities have been completed, and thus there would be no disturbance or inconvenience for the dominant tenant because of the digging and laying activities carried out on behalf of the servient tenant.

People who are servient tenants and have obtained a Deed of Grant of Easement document should also be aware of another convenience of this type of agreement: because a document of that type is valid forever, that means that if the servient tenant initially having obtained such a Deed of Grant of Easement decides or needs to sell their plot of land, the validity of the Deed will be transferred to the new plot owners automatically.

Modern legal service companies and individuals have special ready templates of a Deed of Grant of Easement, and the templates are convenient and ready to fill in, to ensure that there will be no unnecessary use of the land of the dominant tenant. Dominant tenants who decide to offer a Deed of Grant of Easement to servient tenants can be certain that this type of document testifying the agreement between the dominant tenant and the servient tenant adequately protects the rights of the former type of tenants.

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